“When the love for food turns into the love of your life...literally.”

Tuna Party Pizzazz

We had a lovely evening last Tuesday meeting our loyal friends and making new ones. We loved all the wonderful feedback we received throughout the

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KAIZEN Squid Sushi Special

This week we’re introducing a new main course to our fish bento box…Squid Sushi Special (Ika Sushi!) Squid filled with marinated mushrooms, spring onion and

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Beef short ribs in Brno was impossible to find…so we had to improvise with simply beef ribs. Thankfully, that was all we had to improvise

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Grilled Miso Fish = Love

One of my favorite dishes of all time…grilled miso fish – specifically the one made famous by Nobu Matsuhisa. I had it every Saturday in

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Memorable Moments

When it comes to office lunches or meetings –  pizza or sandwiches are usually on the menu.  Differentiate from the competition. Reward your employees with

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Beauty in the Bento Box

Combining art & traditions is why we love Japanese cuisine and the Bento Box is no exception. The idea of the bento box traces back

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