Jam Packed January + More News

It is the end of one of KAIZEN’s busiest months ever. We were at KulinerPlus for Tuňákobraní which was an overwhelming success!  Our tuna for this event was nearly 70kg!  We drank hot wine, had tuna steak & tartar followed by sushi making. It was fun! At the beginning of the month we hosted a […]

Tuna Party Pizzazz

We had a lovely evening last Tuesday meeting our loyal friends and making new ones. We loved all the wonderful feedback we received throughout the evening. We can’t wait to see you again and already thinking about our next catch? Swordfish, perhaps 🙂  

KAIZEN Squid Sushi Special

This week we’re introducing a new main course to our fish bento box…Squid Sushi Special (Ika Sushi!) Squid filled with marinated mushrooms, spring onion and rice on top of grilled vegetables is an option you should try! 

Excited For our Tuna Party!

Thanks to all who signed up for our upcoming Tuna event in Rajhrad! We’re sold out and excited to meet you and enjoy a night filled with amazing food and even better company. See you tomorrow!


Beef short ribs in Brno was impossible to find…so we had to improvise with simply beef ribs. Thankfully, that was all we had to improvise because the taste and if you could only smell… was unmistakably KALBI like I can distinctly remember from Koreatown in Toronto.

Grilled Miso Fish = Love

One of my favorite dishes of all time…grilled miso fish – specifically the one made famous by Nobu Matsuhisa. I had it every Saturday in Montreal so much so that the waiters expected me and brought double orders on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or my birthday.  As with so many Kaizen customers, the maki […]

Dare to be Different.

The idea of eating a sea snail may seem odd to many, but it is very popular especially in the UK & France.  They have elegantly spiraled shells and, when properly cooked, their meat is tender and succulent. Our bento box includes marinated whelks to try for the first time as we introduce new experiences. […]

Memorable Moments

When it comes to office lunches or meetings –  pizza or sandwiches are usually on the menu.  Differentiate from the competition. Reward your employees with something special. Beautifully arranged, fresh, and most of all delicious – your employees, friends, or family will enjoy.

Beauty in the Bento Box

Combining art & traditions is why we love Japanese cuisine and the Bento Box is no exception. The idea of the bento box traces back to the 14th century and you can learn more about the history of the bento box here. Join the tradition. Order it Wednesdays – Fridays

Gyudon Memories

My first trip to Japan was in 1992 to compete in the World Shotokan Cup for Canada. I have amazing memories from the experience – training & competing in Japan, the temples, sweltering July heat and Japanese pastries. The otherm memory – Gyudon at Yoshinoya. This week, Gyudon is the star of our Bento Box […]

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